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                                                                                                                                                                    Clinical Hypnotherapy and Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis - A Tool For Self Improvement

Published in Natural Awakenings, Up In Cumming and 400 Corridor Magazine



 Handwriting analysis began with cave men writing pictures, or symbols, for communication.  It is a time tested evaluation tool with research validating back to the early 1600’s.  It does not invade a person’s right to privacy and it is non discriminatory.  It is also categorized in the Library of Congress as a credible science.  Handwriting analysis is applied to investigations, historical profiles, employees and teams, job applicants, and for personal profiling.

 The majority of clients that come to The Center For Motivation are between the ages of 35 and 55.  Combining clinical hypnotherapy and handwriting analysis can help give them new directions in life!

 Many clients in this age group are going through personal and or professional times of crisis.  Some are just looking for general self improvement.  How does handwriting analysis come to play?

 Half of the population is divorced, causing mid life stress and loneliness.

Many who were trained for specific jobs 20 years ago are technically outdated and are reeducating themselves.

The empty nesters syndrome is giving many the opportunity to set new career goals.

Many seek self improvement in the romance department.  Why are my relationships failing?   What seems to be the pattern that I need to change to improve my relationships and not make the same mistakes again?

 A sample of handwriting can reveal over 150 personality traits.  Each stroke, mark, slant, letter formation, letter spacing, word spacing and pen pressure tells what is going on inside that person’s mind…..what makes them tick!

 Many clients that come to The Center have been in abusive relationships follow the same handwriting pattern; low self esteem, desire for punishment, pride and dignity weak (if even present at all), lack of self worth, lonely, and many suffering with past issues from their childhood.  By having the client consciously alter their handwriting, they CAN eliminate negative traits and not repeat the same patterns.

 For job placement and career goals, the handwriting is analyzed and the results are placed in a state of the art computer program that produces graphs, pie charts and percentile matching of that person for the career indicated.  This program is typically ten to fourteen pages and leaves no secrets unturned!

 Handwriting analysis is a useful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and an help identify areas for improvement, complementary life paths and provide tools for personal growth.