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                                                                                                                                                                    Clinical Hypnotherapy and Handwriting Analysis

Hypnosis And Handwriting Analysis Combined



 Investigative forensic hypnosis and handwriting analysis is a combination of two areas of expertise.   Both sciences are recognized and accepted in a court of law.

 Jim O’Dell, a police chief in Ohio, has incorporated hypnosis for over 30 years in law enforcement.  Hypnosis first appeared in our court system in 1958.  It is used for civil and criminal cases and for both the prosecutor and the defense.

 Hypnosis is capable of giving the police and prosecution a method to enhance one of the most powerful assets available when putting cases together – a good witness.  Hypnosis allows the witness to go back and review what they saw and to extract the most minute details that had previously been forgotten due to the excitement of the moment or fear.  Numbers on license plates can suddenly be unscrambled, or digits that were missing previously can now be filled in.  Facial descriptions that were foggy can become very clear to the witness.  Dates, times and exact locations can be pinpointed. All this and more can come out of a successful hypnosis session.  Hypnosis is a tool to enhance the memory.

 Combining hypnosis with handwriting analysis takes us one step further into an investigation.  One hundred and fifty plus personality traits can be revealed in one sample handwriting analysis.  It can reveal thinking style, self control, effectiveness, judgment, social behaviors, treatment of others, communications style, motivational interests, motivational influences, mood outlook, anger profile, fear profile and substance abuse.

 Handwriting in a court of law can also be used for jury selection, court documentation and identifying forgery.

 The combination of hypnosis and handwriting analysis – two very effective tools to aid law enforcement – two recognized sciences that have been around hundreds of years have now found their respective places in modern times.