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                                                                                                                                                                    Clinical Hypnotherapy and Handwriting Analysis

Introduction To Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis can identify your sub-conscious and conscious personality traits. These traits relate to your behavior, motivations, sexuality, ambitions, and other personality variations. It can also tell you about your ambition, the fears that you've suffered and developed since childhood, emotions, as well as current feelings and frustration at the time of the writing sample.

Many people wonder why handwriting analysis is so accurate despite the fact their handwriting seems to 'change all the time'. While it is true that handwriting can detect moods at the time of the writing sample, usually only a few of the hundreds of traits change over a period of time. The emotional traits revealed in handwriting tell the emotional response of the person at the time the writing sample was written. These can vary with the person's mood. Most personality traits will be revealed regardless of mood change or emotional circumstance. Therefore, handwriting delivers the best of two worlds: the present state of mind and the overall disposition someone.

A person's emotional responses can be accurately estimated from their writing. Is the person basically ruled by logical, practical judgment (their head) or by feelings and emotions (their heart)? How do they make most of their decisions, with their head or their heart? Do they often show their emotions outwardly or do they keep their emotions inside? Do they respond emotionally and sympathetically to outside stimuli and situations or are they reserved and emotionally distant? Depth of feeling can also be accurately ascertained from the writing. This refers to how deeply a person feels emotions and how long the emotional feelings last. Do their emotions stay a long time or pass quickly?

In addition to 'depth of feeling' and 'emotional responses' that are shown in handwriting, hundreds of individually identifiable personality traits are evident. These include traits such as self-esteem, self-confidence, goals, fears, defenses, sensitiveness (and in which areas), initiative, enthusiasm, sexual needs, and the list goes on and on.

Handwriting Analysis is used by top corporations worldwide, private institutions, psychologist, and even the FBI. Because of the growing acceptance of this tool to identify personality and assist in predicting behavior, handwriting analysis is quickly becoming a favorite field of study from amateurs to professionals.

As a Graduate of Grapho-Analytics Institute of Handwriting Analysis, Paula Fanelly is a Certified and Professional Handwriting Expert.