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Frequently asked questions...


What is hypnosis?

* It is a state of consciousness, or awareness, including relaxation of the body and concentration of the mind.

Are there other names for hypnosis?

* Visualization, image therapy, guided imagery, meditation, biofeedback, relaxation.

Is hypnosis recognized as a valid treatment?

* Both the British Medical Association; in 1955, and the American Medical Association, 1958, approved hypnosis as a valid medical treatment.

What is a hypnotherapist?

* The medical doctor is a professional trained to diagnose and treat medical disorders. The psychologist is a professional trained to diagnose and treat psychopathologies.  The hypnotherapist is a "self improvement instructor" handling things that do not qualify as medical or mental disorders. Over 60% of our doctors visits are stress related.  Over 70% of the American public are overweight, smoke cigarettes or suffer insomnia.

If hypnosis is so effective, why is there not more demand for it?

* It is growing as people become educated on its benefits.  In fact, according to a Harvard study in 1993, over 1/3 of the American public have chosen some type of alternative treatment in their lives.  In the state of Georgia alone, there are approximately 2,000 hypnotherapists. The general public is becoming more knowledgeable.  Even physicians are becoming more educated on the benefits of hypnotherapy.  Over 15,000 doctors in the United States use hypnosis in their practices to complement their traditional treatments.

Can a person be hypnotized against his will?

* No.  Hypnotizing a person against his will is impossible.  Even when a client has been hypnotized, should a therapist suggest something against his ethics or something that he simply does not agree with, the client will come out of hypnosis.

I would like to know more about hypnosis before being "put under".

* You are welcome to call the office and  make an appointment to have a one hour consultation before your first initial hypnotherapy session.