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                                                                                                                                                                    Clinical Hypnotherapy and Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis FAQ'S


What is handwriting analysis and what can it reveal?

One's handwriting could be called a computer print out of his/her conscious and unconscious electro-magnetic energy field.  Handwriting reveals the emotional nature, intelligence, self esteem, motivations, integrity, adaptability, communication, and any special skills or aptitudes of the individual.

My handwriting changes all the time...what does that mean?

Our handwriting, like our body language, changes with our moods. Your basic handwriting traits will be altered by your moods and emotions, but will not change to a large degree.

How long has handwriting analysis been around?

It began with cave men writing pictures,or symbols, for commuication.  Handwriting analysis is a time tested evaluation tool with research validating dating back to the early 1600's.  The first hard back book on the subject was published in 1622.

Does it invade a persons right to privacy?

Not at all - handwriting, like speech, is repeatedly displayed to the public. (U.S. Supreme Court versus Mara, 1973).

Is it discriminatory?

No - age, sex, religion, handicap, race or national origin can not be indicated by one's writing. (U.S. Supreme Court versus Hazelwood School District, 1876). It also complies with the E.E.O.C. when used as a tool for personnel selection.

What can handwriting analysis applications be used for?


-self improvement

-career guidance

-personal relationship matching

-profile prospective, present or past dating and marriage partners

-profile family members

-gift for a holiday


-objective personality information without relying on applicants honesty or self awareness from interview or self reports

-profile out of town applicants

-discover applicants strengths and weaknesses before intervieing

-job placement / job match compatabilities


-improve teamwork: discover both individual and team strengths and weaknesses

-improve employee performance through greater self understanding.

-gain insight before promoting or transfering employees


-profile prospective business partners and customers

-threatening letters, anonymous letters, suicide notes, troubled family members

-suspects in a case, jury selection, profiles on those that refuse polygraph test or psychological tests


-profiling dead, missing persons, ancestors, the famous, and research

-profile a person now and from years ago to measure change